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5 Years of Innovation, Competition and Disruption for Better Canadian Capital Markets

It is hard to believe that it’s already been 5 years since NEO started full-fledged operations. What an incredible journey!

Delivering upon a vision to do what is right

Our vision from the outset was to provide Canadian capital markets with a different type of stock exchange – a stock exchange that would always seek to put investors and capital-raisers first, while providing dealers with better and more efficient tools to the benefit of an optimal client experience, lower costs, and reduced operational risks.

5 years later, I am proud to report that we have delivered upon that vision, and beyond, with a comprehensive, full-scale service offering as depicted in the diagram below.

The core components of the NEO service offering include:

  • A trading platform focused on leveling the playing field amongst all investors, and enabling better liquidity;
  • A market data platform that provides data access in a simple way and at a fair cost;
  • A listing platform focused on enabling successful and seamless go-public experiences;
  • A mutual funds distribution platform enabling a better investor experience and lower costs; and
  • A private funds and corporates distribution platform expanding distribution and giving all investors easy access to the private markets.

A vision shared and adopted by many

Not only did we deliver upon our vision by bringing all of these service offerings to market, we also experienced substantial adoption by the capital markets stakeholder community:

  • Our trading market share now routinely hits the 13% mark and on several occasions during the month of June, we even became the second most active marketplace in Canada, ahead of Nasdaq and steadily closing in on the TMX;


  • Real-time market data for our listed securities is widely available, both domestically and internationally, with some exciting new offerings to be announced soon;
  • We have close to 100 tickers exclusively listed on the NEO Exchange – ETFs, CEFs and corporates, and in March, experienced a global first with the exceptionally successful listing on NEO of MindMed, a psychedelics-based BioTech company;

  • We enabled the raising of close to $1 billion of assets in PTFs; and
  • DealSquare is off to a great start with the listing of numerous private funds and corporates. 

On top of these accomplishments and others, NEO has also achieved commercial success…yes, we are here to stay!

We have only begun

We have worked hard to get to where we are today – a bold, disruptive, and successful capital markets fintech company – but there is still much to be done. We have built a strong foundation upon which to grow further, as we continue to introduce new solutions to disrupt the industry, advocate for change, and do what is right for investors, capital-raising companies, and their dealers.

Our focus for the next 5 years?

  • Growing our existing businesses and benefitting from accelerating momentum and new users who, we already know today, will join the NEO family;
  • Bringing innovation and disruption in other areas of the Canadian capital markets, leveraging the foundation we have built and our increasing financial strength; and
  • Continuing to advocate for change that is outside of our direct control – think of the embarrassing lack of a proper Canadian consolidated market data solution, or some of the inappropriate behaviours in Canada’s corporate listings space.

This forward-thinking drive and never-ending pursuit of innovation, competition and service is what differentiates us from the rest, and is what will ultimately make our capital markets a better place to do business… for everyone.

A heartfelt thank you

Of course, none of this would have been possible without our shareholders, our partners, our clients, and our team – all of whom have supported NEO in this incredible journey and will continue to play a key role in our success going forward.

I’ve recorded a brief video greeting to share my thoughts. If you have a minute to spare, give it a watch.

Thank you!

Jos Schmitt