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      NEO Exchange

      Canada's next-generation stock exchange, founded on the principles of fairness, liquidity, transparency and efficiency.

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      NEO Connect

      A brand new FinTech distribution platform for investment products.

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      News & Announcments

      NEO Connect, Canada’s first and only fund distribution platform for purchasing and redeeming mutual funds as simply as ETFs, is proud to announce the Ninepoint Energy Fund is now available in a new PTF series under the symbol ENRGY. This Platform Traded FundTM (PTFTM) provides access to a focused portfolio of mid-cap energy companies involved directly or indirectly in the exploration, development, production and distribution of oil, gas, coal, or uranium and other related activities in the energy and resource sector.

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      Toronto – October 25, 2018 – The NEO Exchange (“NEO”) is proud to announce that, following the completed transaction between BC Partners and Marret Resources Corp., Mount Logan Capital Inc. (“Mount Logan”) has made its public markets debut today on NEO. Mount Logan is the first financial services company to list on NEO and represents an innovative financial structure with strategic investments in sponsor-backed loans and debt securities with a focus on the middle-market sponsored-backed loans across a variety of sectors. The Company’s common shares began trading today under the symbol MLC.

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      NEO Views

      Fighting For Fairness, Even In The Dark

      From inception, when our exchange was a mere vision of industry stakeholders brainstorming around a boardroom table, NEO has had a singular focus: do what is right for investors and capital raising companies. This continues to be our mantra and it continues to guide the decisions we make today.

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