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      NEO Exchange

      Canada's next-generation stock exchange, founded on the principles of fairness, liquidity, transparency and efficiency.

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      NEO Connect

      A brand new FinTech distribution platform for investment products.

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      News & Announcments

      Toronto – February 26, 2019 – Purpose Investments, including Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager Greg Taylor, joined Erik Sloane, Head of Sales at NEO to open the market to celebrate the recent one-year anniversary of the launch of Canada’s first actively managed cannabis ETF, the Purpose Marijuana Opportunities Fund (NEO:MJJ).

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      Toronto – February 21, 2019 –  NEO Connect, is pleased to announce that Series PTFTM of nine offering memorandum funds from Provisus Wealth Management  (“Provisus”) are now available on NEO Connect. Provisus is the sixth company to distribute products on NEO Connect, which has allowed fund providers to raise close to $700 million in assets to date. The nine Platform Traded FundsTM (PTFs) are now available under the following symbols:

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      NEO Views

      A Simple and Overdue Solution to Improve the Canadian Investment Experience

      Historical Canadian market structure policy and convention has failed to address today’s reality: there are multiple markets in Canada that can and do trade the same public company or fund even when they are listed on the TSX. Each marketplace brings a unique focus making Canadian capital markets choice. Consider this sampling of frequently trading funds. The November trading volumes for these products are fragmented across the TSX, NEO, and other markets in Canada.

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