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Pascal Financial Launches Private Placement Offering On DealSquare

AI-powered platform provides a revolutionary tool for Canadian wealth managers

Toronto | June 9, 2020 – Pascal Financial (“Pascal”) a fully integrated, AI-powered wealth management platform for financial advisors, today announced the launch of its  $1.5 million private placement offering on DealSquare. Powered by NEO technology, DealSquare is a joint initiative between Silver Maple Ventures and NEO to make private markets better and more accessible.

With proprietary AI investment algorithms, an intuitive user design, and comprehensive portfolio management tools, Pascal’s solution is a digital disruptor and true game changer for financial advisors, portfolio managers, and wealth management firms. Launched in Canada in early 2020, and with future launches planned for the U.S. and Cayman Islands, the platform leverages the science of behavioral finance to provide advisors with a fully integrated, all-in-one wealth management solution. By using Pascal’s platform, investment managers are able to create more meaningful client experiences, maximize client returns, and convert more prospects through relationship-oriented digital interaction to level up, engage, and grow.

The platform’s features include customizable model portfolios, AI-optimized portfolio rebalancing, and SMA & UMA functionality, all of which are designed to help streamline administrative tasks and reduce compliance risk. It provides profiling tools to help users better understand their clients along with educational and engagement tools for tailoring messages to specific client interests. In addition to the robust wealth management platform, and in response to the COVID-19 crisis, Pascal recently launched Prevail, a free client-advisor engagement bundle to help support advisors during the pandemic.

Firms of the future will leverage technology to create a better user experience for their clients,” states Frances Zomer, CEO of Pascal, “yet no global industry is further behind the technological eight ball than finance. Pascal is looking to change that. Our decision to launch on DealSquare was an obvious one, as our values are so closely aligned. The DealSquare platform puts our investment opportunity in front of a much broader audience of financial advisors that understand the need for digitization with wealthtech, enabling us to raise the capital we need to scale up.”

Launched in 2019, DealSquare is an online private placement platform for dealers, investment advisors, investors, and capital raisers. The centralized platform gives registered users the ability to efficiently find, analyze, share, and subscribe to private market deals. DealSquare offers a fully digital and automated private placement process: capital raisers publish their private placement opportunities; dealers complete their due diligence; and advisors and investors electronically subscribe to a deal, with exempt securities seamlessly integrated into client accounts and dealer back office systems using NEO technology.

Fintech is rapidly changing the finance and investment market for both consumers and financial services providers. It has become one of the most important sectors for investing over the past few years,” says Peter-Paul Van Hoeken, Founder of Silver Maple Ventures and Managing Director of DealSquare. “With their AI-powered wealth management platform, Pascal is a change-maker, providing a solution designed to help financial advisors save time, effort and serve their customers better. We’re pleased to welcome Pascal onto DealSquare, opening up their private placement for dealers and advisors through our fully digitized and automated transaction platform.”

Pascal’s solution takes the wealth management industry to the next level by enabling financial advisors to serve their clients better than ever before,” explains Jos Schmitt, CEO of NEO. “Pascal is a great fit for the DealSquare platform as both understand the value that digital integration brings to the market, its stakeholders and, ultimately, the end-investors. This launch on DealSquare provides great exposure for Pascal, while providing investors with a unique investment opportunity that would have otherwise been accessible to only a very few.”

 To view Pascal Financial’s private placement offering on DealSquare, click here.  The Pascal ticker is available under $PASCL on existing advisor order entry systems.


About Pascal Financial

Pascal Financial launched the only fully integrated, AI-powered digital wealth management platform built for advisors in Canada in the first quarter of 2020, with future launches planned for the U.S. and Cayman Islands. Led by a senior management team with more than 100 years of combined financial services industry experience, Pascal changes the game for wealth management firms. With proprietary AI investment algorithms, design-first mentality and robust portfolio management tools, Pascal delivers the innovation investment managers need to effectively scale their operations, exceed the expectations of 21st century investors, and grow their businesses in a time of digital disruption for the financial services industry.

Connect with Pascal Financial: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter  | YouTube

About DealSquare

A joint initiative between NEO and Silver Maple Ventures, DealSquare, is Canada’s first centralized dealer platform for private placements, digitally connecting capital-raisers to investment dealers, their advisory networks, and their investors. With the complete roll-out of the platform in early 2020, DealSquare supports the entire private placement process: capital raisers publish their private placement opportunities; dealers complete their due diligence; and advisors electronically subscribe to a deal, with exempt securities seamlessly integrated into client accounts and back office systems utilizing NEO technology.

Connect with DealSquare: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

 About NEO 

NEO is a group of established fintech companies that provide capital markets infrastructure designed for and led by the industry. NEO’s competitive drive, innovation, and advocacy enable change for the better. The NEO Exchange is a progressive stock exchange that brings together investors and capital raisers within a fair, efficient, and service-oriented environment; and DealSquare, powered by NEO technology, is a platform that enables the distribution of financial assets not listed on a stock exchange in a way that saves costs, reduces operational risks, and improves the investor experience.

Connect with NEO: Website | Twitter Linkedin 

 About Silver Maple Ventures

Silver Maple Ventures Inc. (“SMV”) is an exempt market dealer and holding company of FrontFundr Financial Services Inc. (“FrontFundr”) and DealSquare Technologies Inc. (“DealSquare”). With offices in Toronto and Vancouver, the SMV team are national leaders in the private capital markets, developing and operating two fintech platforms to provide access to private markets in Canada and simplify the transaction process.


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