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Ninepoint Energy PTF Now Available On NEO Connect

NEO Connect, Canada’s first and only fund distribution platform for purchasing and redeeming mutual funds as simply as ETFs, is proud to announce the Ninepoint Energy Fund is now available in a new PTF series under the symbol ENRGY. This Platform Traded FundTM (PTFTM) provides access to a focused portfolio of mid-cap energy companies involved directly or indirectly in the exploration, development, production and distribution of oil, gas, coal, or uranium and other related activities in the energy and resource sector.

Ninepoint joined the NEO family earlier this year and become Canada’s second PTF provider after they launched the Ninepoint Alternative Health Fund on NEO Connect in October under the symbol ALTHE. NEO Connect now distributes 49 funds from four asset managers across 15 dealer networks, with close to $600 million in total assets serviced.