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NEO Brings Retail Investor Experience to a New Level

NEO Becomes First Canadian Stock Exchange to Offer Real-Time Market Data on Yahoo Finance

Toronto – May 6, 2019 – The NEO Exchange (“NEO”) is proud to announce that it has taken the global retail investor experience to the next level by making real-time market data for all NEO-listed securities available across the Yahoo Finance platform, in addition to the Apple Stocks app. As a leading global business and finance content brand that on average attracts more than 100 million visitors worldwide across all of its platforms*, the availability of real-time market data on Yahoo Finance is a significant differentiator for NEO-listed companies and funds. It is also a first for Canada; market data provided by all other Canadian stock exchanges to the Yahoo Finance platform is delayed by 15 minutes.

NEO has also obtained Recognized Other Exchange Trading Venue status on Deutsche Börse. This, in addition to NEO’s Qualified Foreign Exchange status on OTC Markets, enables a seamless retail investor trading experience in NEO-listed securities across the US and Europe. This once again demonstrates NEO’s unwavering commitment to investors, public companies and exchange-listed products.

“Providing our market data in real time to Yahoo Finance and enabling our NEO-listed companies to access global quotation boards have been two strategic priorities for us at NEO.  The integration of these two initiatives gives Canadian, US and European investors the ultimate experience with, and exceptional access to, NEO-listed securities.  This is a win for investors and a true differentiator for public companies and investment products that list on NEO,” said Jos Schmitt, President and Chief Executive Officer, NEO. “We are thrilled to be the first exchange in Canada to freely offer our market data in real-time to such a robust community of retail investors as it will help them make more informed investment decisions.” 

“Yahoo Finance is constantly looking for ways to heighten consumer experiences for our deeply engaged audience on our platform and within our app,” said Yahoo Finance Canada Managing Editor, Allan Shifman.  “The ability to share real-time market data from NEO adds another dimension to our extensive offering of market data to our user base.”

Market data distributed via Yahoo Finance is available on the Yahoo Finance website, the iOS and Android Yahoo Finance app, and on the new Yahoo Finance Premium, a paid subscription offering for retail investors set to launch in the US in Q2 2019.

“Having free real-time market data for our NEO-listed ETFs available to every connected investor around the world is a clear advantage for us,” said Som Seif, Chief Executive Officer at Purpose Investments. “NEO shares our unrelenting focus on customer-centric innovation, and I have had the opportunity to witness this commitment first-hand. It is rewarding to have a partner that deeply cares about advancing Canadian capital markets and is dedicated to solving complex challenges with a global perspective.”

“We have recently experienced that global quotation boards are important avenues to consider as we work to reach the broadest possible investor audience.  We are very pleased that NEO encouraged us to explore these options as we have since increased our following globally. Adding free real-time market data for every investor on this planet with a mobile device is what every public company in Canada is longing for. And NEO did it,” added Kiran Sidhu, CEO, Halo Labs.

Real-time market data of NEO-listed securities is also free for all investors on the NEO website, domestic and global data distribution and trading platforms, and Canadian discount brokerage platforms. Real-time market data of other Canadian listed securities traded on NEO is also available for free for retail investors globally.

*Source: Comscore Custom Reporting, Multi-Platform, Avg. October 2018 to December 2018 , Global


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