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The ultimate disruption in canadian markets:
Competition and innovation.

In an industry plagued by monopolistic behaviour and resistance to change, NEO is the next generation stock exchange. Every innovation we provide is squarely focused on the original purpose of a stock market – bringing investors looking to build wealth together with businesses looking to raise capital for growth. Our ultimate mission is to help all market participants build a stronger economy, create more jobs and establish greater financial security.

To fulfill this mission, NEO champions two very simple concepts that have been largely absent: Competition and Innovation.

In everything we do, NEO remains committed to four key principles: fairness, liquidity, transparency and efficiency.

When you truly mean it, you get disruption ...
for the better!

NEO Exchange

A new Canadian stock exchange, in direct competition with the incumbent.

What makes our stock exchange different?

  • We are driven by doing the right thing for investors and public companies.
  • We apply innovative technology solutions to enable and live our principles.
  • We apply competitive pressure to effect industry-wide change for the better.
  • We don’t hesitate to call out issues – but always propose solutions.
  • We seek ongoing dialogue with all our stakeholders.

We are the Innovation Exchange – a stock exchange that caters to those who innovate and care.

NEO Connect

A brand new FinTech distribution platform for investment products.

What makes our distribution platform different?

  • We provide advisors and through them, investors, access to investment products that were previously either too costly or too difficult to include in their portfolios.
  • We enable providers of investment products to reach a broader range of advisors and investors, and bring more investment into their funds.
  • We apply innovative technology solutions that have made us the first of our kind.
  • We drive change for the better.

It's all a matter of perspective

Our biggest strength is that we put the interest of investors and capital-raising companies ahead of our own short-term results – a real innovation in today’s business world.

NEO is, of course, a business too. But as a challenger – with a keen understanding of the needs of the market – we believe in a long-term perspective. We believe that a focus on the success of the investors, public companies, dealers and advisors that use our market will lead to a greater shared success for all of us in the long term.

An industry comes together
for change

NEO is the result of an industry coming together to create what it needs to succeed. Our parent company, Aequitas Innovations Inc., was founded by a diverse ownership group of investors, dealers and companies, all focused on the founding vision of making markets better.

The ownership group, with a majority interest represented by investors and public companies, believes in fostering innovation and competition, and believes that more fairness, liquidity, transparency and efficiency in the markets is in the greatest public interest.

Shareholders include:

  • Barclays Corporation Limited.
  • Bardya Brokerage Services Inc. (parent company of BBS Securities Inc.)
  • BCE Inc.
  • CI Investments Inc.
  • Davis Rea Ltd.
  • IGM Financial Inc.
  • Invesco Canada Ltd.
  • ITG Canada Corp.
  • Leede Jones Gable Inc.
  • Maison Placements Canada Inc.
  • OMERS Capital Markets
  • PSP Public Markets Inc.
  • RBC Dominion Securities Inc.​